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Our Menu

Children Menu

Chicken Croquettes with French fries

Chicken Nuggets with French fries

Spaghetti with Tomato sauce

Pizza Margarita




Bread (p.p)


Baked loin of Salmon

Baked Sea bream

Baked Seabass



Pepper, Mustard or Pedro Ximenez wine

Steak Tartar

Baked Lamb shoulder

Grilled Chicken breast

Roast Chicken (1/2)

Duck confit with Orange

Grilled Veal Entrecote

Grilled Veal Sirloin

Rice Soups and Paellas

Seafood rice soup

minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Arroz Brut (Typical rice soup)

minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Vegetable Paella

minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Meat Paella

minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Seafood Paella

minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Mixed Paella

(Meat and Seafood) minimum 2 person, price p.p.

Paella with red Prowns from Soller

(seasonally) minimum 2 person, price p.p.


Tomato & Bufala Mozzarella Salad (with basil Vinaigrette)

Chicken & Apple Salad (with spicy Mango Chutney)

Mixed green Salad


Tapa of Cheese (Manchego)

Toasted Majorcan Bread with ramallet Tomato an virgil olive oil

Goat’s Cheese on toast with Tomato Jam

Iberian Ham from Extremadura (100 grs.)

Iberian Ham from Extremadura (50 grs)

Squid Rings (Calamar Romana)

Prawns Croquettes (6 Ud)

Selection of Croquettes

Bravas (Patatoes with spicy sauce)

Traditional Dishes from Mallorca

Aubergines Stuffed with meat

Rabbit & Onions stew

Squid with red Majorcan sausage and Honey

Tumbet (vegetable Majorcan dish)

Frito de Marisco (Majorcan style sautéed vegetables with Sea Food)

Frito Mallorquin (Majorcan style sautéed vegetables and Lamb)

Pamboli with Majorcan Cold